About Us


We focus on litigation of most complex and high-stake intellectual property, antitrust, and commercial disputes. We specialize in dealing with patents, trade secrets, and licenses of cutting-edge technology, as well as issues concerning antitrust, unfair competition, data protection , commercial disputes and cross-border negotiations. We have secured wins in numerous disputes for industry leaders including multinationals, unicorns, and high-tech companies. We serve a wide range of industries, including electronics and semiconductors, wireless communications, LED, material science, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, chemicals, manufacturing, TMT, Internet, artificial intelligence, and sports and entertainment.


We have lawyers of diverse backgrounds that have been recognized for their battle tested experiences and results focused approaches. Some of our lawyers are former judges who were on the bench for over 10 years and had adjudicated over 1000 intellectual property cases. Some of our lawyers have both legal and technical backgrounds and have handled numerous high-profile cases at different venues in China, including multiple leading cases before the Supreme People’s Court. Some of our lawyers are former examiners at the Chinese Patent Office and have extensive experiences on validity challenges and appeals proceedings.


We leverage our collective resources, experiences and capabilities and form most suitable teams to meet particular needs of our clients. We combine industry experiences with our legal skills and assist our clients to develop best legal solutions that are also aligned with their business strategies. We also work closely with our external technical experts, testing and appraisal institutes, investigation agencies and public relation agencies to effectively and efficiently provide our coordinated services.