Career Objective

The aim of Saelink Law is to become one of the top law firms in intellectual property law, competition law and commercial litigations, which shall be achieved by involving the most outstanding talents in this field. Saelink Law will provide the platform where they can develop quickly and fully display their abilities.

Since the first day in Saelink Law, all the new attorneys and paralegal will receive the unified introduction training, learning about the management system of Saelink Law, the basic service specification, internal information and the recording system. When beginning to work, everyone is required to receive basic minimum hours of practice training. Under the organization of Saelink Law Training Department, the speeches and seminar would be given by external experts, partners of Saelink Law, and experienced attorneys all the year round, and would be available to all the pofessionals in Saelink Law. Through thses traning, young lawyers and paralegals will have access to the latest expert achievements and the first-hand news in this filed, and have opportunities to learn from the seniors in the area.

Saelink Law has established the unified appraisal and compensation system for attorneys and paralegals. Every lawyer and paralegal would be assessed on professional proficiency and working performance by all the Parteners, and, after the assessment, would gain promotion and the salary commensurate with level. The salay offered by Saelink Law is competitive in this region, and has nothing to do with the Lawyers’ income figures, so that the young lawyer and paralegal can concentrate on developing their professional competence, and lay a solid foundation for their future career life.

Saelink Law has an atmosphere of open,honesty,mutual assistance and sharing. Partners, counsels, attorneys and paralegals can share their minds warmly and friendly, without limitation, which improves the practice ability of professionals in Saelink Law, in combination with Saelink Law’s Personnel management system.

We sincerely welcome every young talents to join and become a member of the big family, Saelink Law, to endeavor and grow up with us.

Open Positions

Senior Associate
  • 1. Possessing bachelor degree or higher from well-known domestic or foreign law schools.
  • 2. Holding PRC lawyer’s license.
  • 3. At least three-year working experience in renowned law firms regarding IP or dispute resolution area.
  • 4. Foreign law school education background or capability to use English as working language will be a plus.

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Technical Professional Associate

  • 1. Possessing bachelor degree or higher in Electricity, Semi-conduct, or Communication.
  • 2. At least two-year IP-related experience.
  • 3. Excellent listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English.
  • 4. Holding Patent Agent Qualification or Certification.
  • 5. Having passed the legal professional qualification examination is a plus.

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Junior Associate

  • 1. Possessing bachelor degree or higher from well-known domestic or foreign law schools.
  • 2. Holding PRC Lawyer’s License or having passed the legal professional qualification examination.
  • 3. Solid legal theoretical foundation and logic analysis capability.
  • 4. Excellent communication and writing skills in Chinese and English.
  • 5. Earnest, strict and with a strong sense of service and responsibility, having professional integrity and being enthusiastic to learn, and a good fit in our team.
  • 6. Work well under high pressure.

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  • 1. Graduates or excellent undergraduates from renowned law schools.
  • 2. Excellent academic performance, solid legal theoretic foundation and good skills of legal research and logic analysis.
  • 3. Excellent speaking and writing skills both in Chinese and English.
  • 4. Having passed the legal professional qualification examination, and being able to apply English as a working language will be a plus.
  • 5. Having excellent communication and coordination skills, being responsible and positive to work, enthusiastic to learn and a good fit in our team.
  • 6. Internship must be no less than 3 months. Excellent interns will receive a return offer.

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  • Please send your CV to:
  • The tile of the email and CV shall be “ Position-School-Major-Name”