Dr. Wenxuan Chen Made Keynote Speech on the Intellectual Property Cooperation Seminar Held by Japan, Korea and China’s Intellectual Property Society

On October 26, 2021, at the invitation of the China Intellectual Property Research Society, Dr. Wenxuan Chen with Saelink Law attended the Japan-Korea-China Intellectual Property Cooperation Seminar. As one of the two speakers representing China, he delivered a keynote speech on "Enterprise Patent Management and International Dispute Resolution". Mr. Xiaoyong Xie, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Intellectual Property Research Society of the CNIPA, Mr. Mori Kiyoshi, Director of the Japan Patent Office, Ms. Shancun Junko, President of the Japan Institute of Knowledge and Finance, Ms. Junko Sugamura, Chairman of the Japan Patent Attorneys Association, Mr. Kim Wongo, President of the Korea Intellectual Property Association also attended the seminar and made opening speeches.

The Intellectual Property Cooperation Seminar among People’s Republic of China, Japan and the Republic of Korea is an annual non-governmental academic exchange and cooperation forum, co-sponsored by the China IP Research Association, the Japanese IP Society, and the Korean IP Society. Affected by 2019 Corona Virus Disease, 2021 seminar was held online. More than 300 guests participated in the conference, including representatives from government departments, enterprises, institutions, universities, scientific research institutes, social organizations and IP agencies from both in and out of China, Japan and South Korea.

Focusing on the topic of "ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) and Intellectual Property Rights", after his speech, Dr. Wenxuan Chen joined a panel discussion with Mr. Tomotake Sawai, Director of the WIPO Japan Office, Mr. Kazunari Sugi, Professor of Kanazawa Institute of Technology, and Mr. Yonghee YOON, Partner of Yulchon LLC, and answered questions online.