Dr. Wenxuan Chen was Invited to Participate in the Training Course of “Intellectual Property Litigation Practice Under the New Situation” hosted by the Intellectual Property Training Center as a Teaching Expert

On April 23, 2022,at the invitation of Intellectual Property Training Center of PRC, Dr. Wenxuan Chen, as a teaching expert, lectured on the training course of “Intellectual Property Litigation Practice Under the New Situation”. The audience of the course included in-house lawyers; professionals of intellectual property (patent and trademark) agencies and intellectual property lawyers of law firms; heads of enterprises and institutions, legal advisers, legal directors, intellectual property related managers, etc.

During the course, combined with the typical cases of patent administrative disputes of the Supreme People's Court from 2019 to 2021, Dr. Wenxuan Chen explained in detail the patent involved and the theoretical part of the Supreme People's court on the typical legal issues of "the requirements for the specific modification method of claims in the patent invalidation procedure", "the principle of separate comparison in the novelty judgment", "the relationship between the direct evidence of creative judgment and the three-step process / the consideration of unexpected technical effects in creative judgment", "infringement judgment of multi-agent’s implementation of method patent" and other questions, and also answered the relevant questions of the audiences. There were more than 1500 trainers online.

As a boutique law firm focusing on intellectual property law and competition law, Saelink Law Firm will continue to pay attention to the latest typical and hot legal issues, and increase investment in research and judicial practice in the frontier fields of intellectual property and competition law.